5 Easy Birthday Traditions to Do With Your Kids

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Often birthday parties & celebrations get pushed to the closest weekend out of necessity. That doesn't mean that you can't make your child's actual birthday special, however. If you're only celebrating with that big party, you might be missing out on some simple traditions that will create the sweetest memories each year! We rounded up our top 5 favorites to share with you!

Set up a Celebration Spot. On your child's birthday pick a spot and decorate it. This is an easy yearly tradition to have when you purchase high quality-decor that can be used year after year. A Happy Birthday Banner and Paper Lanterns are quick and easy to put up, but make it really feel like it's their birthday. You can sneak into the hallway and set it up there to greet them when they first wake up, decorate the kitchen, or set up a special spot for photos and the next item on our list.

birthday traditions for kidsDo A Birthday Interview Take a short video of you interviewing your child wearing their favorite outfit. You can use the same questions each year or switch it up depending on what they're interested in at the time, or what they'd like to talk about. It's amazing how much of their true personality you can catch in these clips, and so fun to see how they grow and how their answers change year to year.

Open One Present Always have them open their main present on their birthday. This will give them something to look forward to, and they'll have plenty of other presents at their party.

birthday traditions for kidsLet Them Pick Meals Let them pick out the menu for the entire day of their birthday. This doesn't mean you need to cart them around to their favorite restaurants. Instead just have them pick out their favorite foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to eat together as a family.

Write a Note Write a quick note telling your child what your favorite things are about them at this age, and anything special you think they'd want to remember that wasn't covered in their interview. Put it in a file and save to give to them on a future birthday (16, 18, 21--you decide!). Keep this short, sweet, and on any paper you happen to have handy--this will make you more likely to do it, and that's what matters!

There you go: 5 simple Birthday Traditions that will pay off in sweet memories and keepsakes! Do you have a favorite tradition that your family does that we missed? Let us know!




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