Easter Cookies Decorating Cheat for Messy Kids

cookie decorating with kids

I love getting kids involved in the kitchen and it's great to get their "help" while making cookies. But  honestly, the messy flour and over pouring of ingredients makes me think to myself... "just let me do it!"

decorating cookies

So here is a good trick where the kids feel involved and part of the process when cooking. Let them decorate! I'm not talking about all the colored frostings or sprinkles, still too messy. The best way to let them decorated is by using food coloring gels to "paint" the cookies.

decorating Easter cookies

How cute are these! I love the creative touch that looks the kiddos get to apply to their cookie art. And the best part, the cookies still taste great, not all full of globby frosting that's been drying on their fingers. This gel paste we also used for our Valentines Day cookies and here is the link to get our simple Sugar Cookie Recipe 

 cookie decorating

So enjoy the patter of little feet and excitement as the Easter Bunny comes to your home. It's my favorite holiday (mom's lemon meringue pie, yummy). 


easter cookie decorations

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