About us

I'm just a mom in this world... but that's not all I wanted to be. I've been creating, designing, brainstorm Bobee since 2005 but I haven't always be in the party decorations space. Bobee just keeps evolving. From a product I invented while pregnant with my second, to room decor (wall decals), and then into party decorations, I just followed my kids lead and enjoy the fun along the way!

Parties for my kids are such fun ~ I love creating a table setting that is fun and festive. And when I looked around I thought, I can make it better! So I design my own color combinations of paper lanterns, many I have custom printed. And that's when the party element of my business kicked in. Now we offer all kinds of banners, paper lantern sets, party supplies and more!

Through the evolution of Bobee, I have had so much fun! I'm so fortunate to enjoy my "job" and be able to be my own boss. Thank you for your purchase and support and I truly hope you enjoy your Bobee products.



PS - I always like to know what you're looking for, so feel free to send me a message!