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Bobee Paper Lanterns Birthday Party Decorations, Room Decor

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Paper lanterns are a terrific feature to cluster above the crib or glider in the nursery. They even make a great mobile for your baby. A larger lantern with a pattern and several with coordinating colors creates a great way to add variety and a vibrant pop to your child's room. Even for parties, the paper lantern is a great decoration for a baby shower or first birthday party (imagine hanging them over the high chair while your one-year-old attempts a smash cake - great photo op). Or, if you are looking for a simple way to change up typical party decorations, the Bobee paper lantern is a fun and festive party accessory that can add visual interest to any set-up (consider as a replacement for party balloons). Place over a wedding or retirement party table, hang at a birthday party, line a walkway, incorporate into a chandelier, or place above the gift table. You can even use them outside under a patio cover for summer decorations. Color coordinate your lanterns with the Bobee wall decals and create a custom room design. Bobee is committed to great design, and quality decor at affordable prices.